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22 December 2009 - update
Christmas break is nearly here. It can be stressful, so we might have a quick relief available: new town plans, other Central European Maps and a few German maps. There might be more, if not by tomorrow, then by the New Year.
3 December 2009 - update
This is a long-overdue update: we have added new 25K, 100K, 300K maps (WIG), a few new German maps and quite a few new and interesting items to the "Literature" page. We still lag behind with maps already scanned but still not added to the site, we'll try our best to wrap them round for Christmas.
1 September 2009 - 70th anniversary of WW2
A reminder, so that we might, just might, draw some lessons (if people ever do).
We would also like to apologize very much for the defacing of the front page (www.mapywig.org), this is being dealt with.
22/08/2009 - news update
1. The 1:25,000 Messtischblatt maps mentioned before have been (almost all by now) restored.
2. We are adding some 350 + new maps on our site soon, to be finished probably by the end of August:
First batch available: 42 sheets of Karte des westlichen Russlands, dated approx. 1914 - 1917. (link to the left (German maps).
Second batch available: approx 50 of the very early (1920 - 1922) editions of WIG maps, most of them somewhat crude copies of Russian 1:84,000 maps, but they cover very interesting areas. Please note that the Russian sheets were cut differently to the later WIG maps, therefore the corresponding equivalent of Pas... Slup is only approximate.
Third batch available: 8 "other" WIG maps - see link to the left.
3. We will have some very interesting cartographic materials, but it will take a little longer to process, perhaps a few months.
7.10.2009 - Problems with Mapster
As of yesterday German 1:25 000 scale maps (Messtischblatt) from Archiwum
Map Zachodniej Polski, which can be accessed via Mapster alongside other
maps, have been unavailable. This is may be due to temporary server failure
or something more serious. At worst it means that the maps will
not be - temporarily - available, until our collegues sort it out.
12.05.2009 - update
After the break, some more maps - Allied, German and Austro-Hungarian. In a few days we will add some WIG maps too, unfortunately just a few.
Christmas break is here, what a surprise! We would like to wish you a peaceful time.
And from our users to our users - a few presents, scattered here and there... Enjoy!
02.10.2008 - news
Last time we said that we have be a larger collection of maps to scan by end of September. We did not do this, because the price of scanning is (more or less) the same, as the price of renting a large-format scanner. Additionally, there is a HIGH chance that we will be given access to a LARGE map collection (about 2 - 6 thousand maps) to scan, so it is more... reasonable to rent a scanner. However this will NOT happen very soon. We estimate that we will be able to do it only in February / March or May / June next year. However, the collection is worth waiting for, for example it includes many maps from Eastern Europe, i.e. Soviet Union (German 1:300K and 1:100K maps), and from other places.
So, in the meantime, we will focus on other materials, such as Polish and German cartographic publications from 1930 - 1944 which will be available to download through "Literature".
We will add SOME maps between now and 2009, but you should not expect more than a few.
23/08/2008 - news
New scans: approx 50 new German maps 30+ K.u.K. maps from 1875 - 1885 (1:300 000) several new town and city plans a few maps of Poland a few general / administrative maps by WIG and one by the 12 kompania geograficzna, of the Polish 2nd Corps. Monte Cassino We have approx 150 - 250 new (various types) sheets, they wait in line to be scanned. We will try to do at least half of them by the end of September.
11/07/2008 - news
- 68 KuK maps (1:75 000) have been added to the folder: other maps / Austro Hungaran. Enjoy!
- Another series (89 sheets) of German 1:25 000 maps (mainly western Poland), based on WIG 1:25 000 have been added and
- 9 x WIG 1:25 000 sheets, a present from our friends in Lithuania!
01/06/2008 - update
1. Over 50 x WIG map (100K) added, in case you haven't been to the folder. The maps are "for internal use only", i.e. copies of German and Czech maps, with minor updates at times.
2. We have updated the links to the left to include one to a folder, previously only visible when clicking on Polish flag. The folder contains other WIG maps, i.e. those which are not of the main series (25K, 100K, 300K, 500K); they are various maps, from detailed, to quite general, some are quite exotic (Liberia, Greenland). There will be more.
3. We have uploaded an issue of "Wiadomosci Sluzby Geograficznej", 1/1939. This quarterly, unfortunately in Polish, provides a better insight into the work of WIG, with articles loosely based around cartography / geography / ethnography / trigonnometry, etc. Some articles include a precis, usually in French or German. The issue also includes a section (several pages) on sailing.
The current version of this quarterly is a non-OCR pdf (19Mb + 35 Mb pdf with maps), so you can't search for or copy text yet. We are working on an OCR and will upload it as soon as possible.
n.b. we have scanned the editions from 1935, 1936, 1937, 1939 and the first issue of 1939. All of them will become available, however it will take time - each volume holds approx. 700 pages.
4. Although it remains a sideline for our website, we might have something of particular interest to our international users - we have received a fair number of K.u.K. map scans n 1:75 000, which show the area of Galicja (Galizien) between 1879 - 1905, a crucial period for emigration from Eastern Europe. Quite a number of sheets come from the early years and quality is usually very good. At present "only" 400 dpi version is available, we will add 600 dpi in a few months time. Total number of new sheets will be around 130, of which 62 are already available, the rest should appear in about 4 weeks' time.
5. A few new German maps from Central / Eastern Europe, and two city plans have been added. Plan of Odessa from 1917, sadly, due to scanning flop, has lost the air of "authenticity", although it is perfectly legible (no, we can't rescan it, the map is no longer available). The other plan is of Vilnius, then Wilna, probably dated around WWI times.


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09/29/2014 21:43
All clear now, thank you, I have updated the links on the "Allied" sub-page!

09/28/2014 17:47
I am still getting the same error message (see below)

09/17/2014 21:54
all sheets around, and including Q-10 download fine. Do you still experience the problem?

09/16/2014 11:51
oh, I see! I thought you mean the latest additions - AMS 50K maps of Western Poland. I'll look at all the 100K maps and fix the problem now.

09/14/2014 16:58
for me all do not work, Examle: Not Found The requested URL /m/ALLIED/AMS_GSGS
jpg was not found on this server. Additio

09/13/2014 22:11
oh, which ones? I've just tried to test them, I opened several (up to 20) new files at random, and they all open with no problem?

09/12/2014 10:35
The links in allied maps do not work

06/08/2014 11:19
Thank you for pointing it out, the broken links have been fixed.

06/07/2014 12:39
A lot of the links on the German maps 1919-1945 page do not work.

10/17/2013 10:54
links to Russian and Soviet maps have been updated.