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29 October 2012 - an udate
We have added approx. 120 sheets of 1:25,000 maps covering mainly Western Poland and Mazowsze. The scans come courtesy of Wydział Geografii i Studiów Regionalnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw), and of private collectors. Most sheets are pre-WW2 editions, several are dated early 1950s (maps reprinted by W.Z.K. - Military Cartographic Works) and approx. 20 others are German editions from WW2. New maps have been marked on a list in Mapster and are also accessible via the usual index sheet.
7 September 2012 - update (Mapster)
  • Courtesy of a famous map collector, Mr David Rumsey (David Rumsay Map Collection), we have received permission to make available a full set of scans for a "flagship" Prussian map, Karte des Deutschen Reiches, in 1:100,000 scale. The sheets come from a rare, late 19th century edition of this map. The maps were professionally scanned and are available via Mapster in full resolution (600 dpi), in two variants - the original images, which show the sheets cut up and glued on a piece of cloth, as well as in a "composite" variant, where individual segments have been stitched in a graphic program. Please remember - the files are large (40 - 50 Mb), so the best way to get them is to right-click them with a mouse and "save as..." to your computer.
  • We have also received a permission from another US map collector, Mr Andrew Kapochunas (www.Lithuanianmaps.com) to show his collection of pre-1939 maps, Latvian 1:75,000 and Lithuanian 1:100,000 series. The scans are available in 300 dpi (resolution they were scanned at).
The above-mentioned maps are available on the same, non-commercial basis. We promise to forward inquiries related to potential commercial application. Alternatively, you can contact the owners directly, via web sitess mentioned above.
9 June 2012 - new maps
Just over 300 sheeets of German 1:25,000 Topographische Karte (Messtischblatt) have been added to Mapster. New sheets, marked "New" on this Mapster list, are mostly different editions of the maps already available but there are some sheets filling up the gaps too.
2 April 2012 - new maps
Courtesy of the University of Chicago Library, we have added approx. 390 sheets of a detailed W.I.G. map in 1:25,000 scale - both the list of new sheets and index sheet available in Mapster). The majority of new maps come from the area of "Kresy" (Borderlands) to the east of pre-WW2 Poland, and they are, predominantly, from 1930s. A couple of sheets are dated September 1939.
31 March 2012 - update(s)
The following map collections (links on the left) have been updated:
• Other Central European maps
• KUK (Austro-Hungarian) maps
• German maps - 1919
• German maps - 1919
• Town plans
As some files are very large (40 - 90 Mb), we would recommend to save them to the hard drive first (mouse right-click and "Save as...")
14 February 2012 - Significant Website Updates
We've applied some rather significant updates to the "machinery" that runs this site. This should make the site more secure and allow us to add new features. But, as usual, there is the chance of trouble. If you notice anything missing or not working, please notify us at email address given in the "Authors & Contact" page (link at left). We will do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible.
1 September 2011 - map update
Today is 72th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2. To coincide, we have added approximately 230 new sheets of 1:25,000 maps which cover west, central and south part of Poland, including the sheet we lacked previously (Westerplatte) and an older, 1926 colour edition of the Gdansk - Danzig sheet.
The new scans are the first batch of approx 1300 sheets scanned this summer which are due to be added to the collection over the next few months (next, larger batch, probably in October).
Most of the maps comes courtesy of Department of Geography, Teaching University in Krakow, Poland, who not only shared their map collection with us, but also provided substantial "logistics support" in scanning them.
New maps are available, for the time being, only via Mapster.
Unfortunately, the table (list) of 1:25,000 maps on our website is so long that the html editors we used can't cope with adding any more lines and we need to test new software, before the maps become available directly through our website. As usual, we would appreciate users' comments on any errors and problems with the new maps.
13 April 2011 - map update
We have added approximately 160 new Allied maps:

• 1:100,000 (British / American series M651 / GSGS 4416 Central Europe: Germany, Poland, Middle Danube, sheets east of the Oder River),
• 1:250,000 (British air series GSGS 4346 Central Europe), sheets (roughly) east of the Oder River,
• 1:50,000 (series M752 East Prussia), US maps from mid-1950s, showing the Kaliningrad area, formerly East Preussen (East Prussia).

All maps will be available, as usual, via Mapster index sheets. Missing 1:250,000 sheets (Warszawa, Łódź, Tilsit) should become available after summer, around September 2011. At that time we will also try to add about 100 sheets of the AMS 1:50,000 map of Poland (M753).
4 April 2011 - maps update
1 We would like to say a big "Thank you" to the the Museum of the City of Gdynia which has shared with us two interesting scans of W.I.G. maps showing the area around Gdynia in a very interesting period of 1920s, i.e. prior to and in the middle of building the city and the port.
The scans are very goo quality and at a later date will be added to the list in the relevant 1:100 00 and 1:25 000 map sub-pages, but at the moment they can be downloaded (mouse right-click and "save as..." straight from the links below
1:100 000 A30 B37 Gdynia (1927) 600 dpi

1:100 000 A30 B37 Gdynia (1927) 300 dpi
1:25 000 REJON POMORZE (275) GDYNIA ARKUSZ 15 (1926) 400 dpi

28 March 2011 - Site Problems
Sorry to say, this web site has been unavailable intermittently in the past several days. Our hosting service told us this was due to a problem (unspecified) that might take them several days to fix. As of today, the site seems OK, and we hope this is the end of the difficulties.
17 March 2011 - new German maps
April came somewhat earlier, as we have now added new German maps covering the period by the (approximately) end of WW1. "Karte des westlichen Russlands” has been covered already, now other maps types, several sheets of the 1:300,000 (Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa) map, 2 x 1:25,000 showing the current Polish-Belarussian border areas, and approx. 130 sheets of Reymanns Special-Karte (of Central Europe), by the Glogau publisher, Flamming, dated by 1875. Two missing sheets (Posen and Meseritz) will be scanned in summer.


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10/19/2015 09:35
Привет! Некоторые
карты по этому адресу не открывают
ся http://igrek.amzp.

06/30/2015 08:10
Hello ! For me very bad English - excuse me. I ask, if possible, to give the maps of Red Army of маштабом 500 and 250 meters of square of M-36 on a web-site. Now on these maps in Ukraine do

01/17/2015 05:29
Спасибо! (я ответил по электронн
ой почте). m.z.

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Подарок для поляков: https://yadi.sk/d/
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01/16/2015 18:37
I want to locate the Cadastral maps of the Austria Hungary administration of the area south and east of Kracow. Any sources?

01/09/2015 21:08
Hi, I want to donate to mapywig 3 scanned WWII German maps from the Osteuropa 300K series (actually 3 Zusammenfassungen with 4 maps each). Is there a contact e-mail address?

12/01/2014 14:38
p.s. red icons = very large files, i.e. 30 - 100 Mb.

12/01/2014 14:36
Certainly! All maps around "Bochnia" can be searched via mapster search feature: http://igrek.amzp.

11/30/2014 22:03
I downloaded this file http://www.mapywig
W_1899.jpg . Now I cannot find it to give to a friend of mine in England. Can you hel

09/29/2014 21:43
All clear now, thank you, I have updated the links on the "Allied" sub-page!