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4th May 2015 - new maps
1 Courtesy of the Earth Museum, Warsaw, we have been able to scan nearly 100 maps from various categories:

- Polish 1:25, 000 map dated 1919, from the period of Polish-Ukrainian fighting for Lwów / Lviv.
- several Soviet 1:50,000 maps from the border area between Poland and Czechoslovakia, dated 1944 and 1945,
- several Soviet 1:200,000 map sheets (double and quadruple) and a few in 1:500,000 from the same period, i.e. 1944/45,
- approx. 20 Messtischblatt maps (1:25,000 German map, so-called "Topographische Karte"),
- a few German 1:200,000 maps from the Danube delta dated 1944,
- several sheets of the German Overview map of Central Europe (Übersichtkarte von Mitteleuropa) in 1:300,000 scale,
- a few Polish and German 1:25 000 maps from the area of south-central Poland,
- three sheets of the German „Sudetenland”, 1:75 000 series dated 1938,
- an interesting geological German map showing the area of Wadowice (near Krakow), scale 1:50,000

We have added more maps from other collections:
- 4 Grossblatt sheets courtesy Mr Peter Mackovčin from the Czech Republic,
- From Mr Hubisz – a GSGS 1944 variant of a Pharus plan of Wiesbaden
- 10 copies of WIG 1:100,000 from 1941/42 produced by the WIG in Edinburgh,
- Several sheets of the GSGS copies of the WIG 1:100,000 tactical maps GSGS 4177, Poland 1:100,000),
- i 20 sheets (complete set) of the American Army Map Service set of 1:1,500 000 series of the European Russia", dated 1943 and based on Soviet maps from 1938. Original index sheet for this series is incorporated in sheet No 17. You can also see a smaller (200 dpi) resolution scan of this index sheet at the bottom of the map list in Mapster.

Also several new items in the "literature" section, in Polish, English and German.
16th April 2015 - new German maps
We have received, from the collection of the Uniwersity of Illinois Library several sheets of a rare, German 1:50,000 map (Deutsche Karte), covering, in a crescent shape, some areas of western Poland. All sheets have been scanned at 400 dpi resolution. Please note, that while we have received a permission to use the scans for non-commercial purposes on the Internet, the university imposes certain restriction, i.e. licencing fees on some use of the materials, e.g. in publications. The list of these fees is available in the pdf document and can also be found in the each file's "datasheet" on Mapster.
26th March 2015 - new 1:25,000 (WIG) maps
Courtesy of Pracownia Zbiorów Kartograficznych i Reprografii Cyfrowej Wydziału Nauk o Ziemi of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun we have been able to add some 170 sheets of the WIG 1:25,000 maps. Most of the new sheets are Polish, pre-WW2 editions, several others are German, WW2 reprints and variants. There are also a few older, Polish editions from mid-1920s, based on earlier, pre-WW1 German 1:25,000 Topographische Karte (Messtischblatt) editions.
20th March 2015 - some maps will be unavailable (1 - 2 days)
For the next day or two, as we will be tidying up the collection of Grossblatt / Einheitsblatt maps (German 1:100,000 joint sheets), most of those maps will be unavailable. We will try to re-activate them by end of this weekend.

25th March upadate: all the Grossblatt / Einheitsblatt scans are now ready. We have updated publishers, publication dates and file names, to make them consistent. Also, a few sheets have been added.
22th February - mapster update
We would like to introduce, with some delay, new maps:
- from cartographic collections in New Zealand, 42 sheets of W.I.G. 1:100,000 tactical map, 600 dpi. They are black-and-white reproductions of original maps evacuated from Poland to the West in September 1939. Reproductions were issued in 1942 by the Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny based, by that time, in Edinburg.
This edition is nearly identical to the original, pre-WW2 edition, although different reproduction technology was used, and some older sheets, originally from 1920s, were given WIG grid lines. It is worth paying attention to the original publication dated at the centre of the bottom margin as, in some cases, reproductions are based on later editions than the maps available in our main index sheet.
- courtesy of biblioteki Wells Library Map Collections, Indiana University, some 750 sheets of a 1:50,000 Soviet map (600 dpi) have been added. The sheets partly coincide with the earlier scans obtained from the German University of Greifswald, but quite a large number of sheets complement the coverage.
- courtesy of The Library of Congress, with help from our partners at easteurotopo.org, we have received a new batch of 3-verst maps, of which a majority are Russian and Soviet originals, and the rest are German reproductions from WW1.
- several new town plans from the Library of Congress, mainly covering European part of Russia, including some post-WW2, town plans of Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, possibly produced by the CIA, and one, interesting war-time, German plan of a Ukrainian city of Stalino, currently well-known under a different name of Donetsk.

9th February 2015 - new town plans
We have added some 160 town plans from the digital library of the University of Wroclaw. Unfortunately, as most digital libraries do not provide direct access to scanned material (jpg), instead embaring on a convoluted on-line viewing options (java, zoomify, etc), we are unable to determine the resolution of scanned images, consequently this information is not available in the file metadata, displaying, instead, resolution of 75 dpi or 96 dpi. We have been informed that they were scanned in a range of resolutions ranging from 300 to 600 dpi.
The easiest way to find out which plans are new, is to visit the lists, rather than index sheets of Mapster, as all new material is labelled accordingly (in green):
20th January - new W.I.G. maps
1 Courtesy of the Geography Department, Humboldt University of Berlin we have added maps by the Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny:
All maps are 600 dpi files.

6th January 2015 - Russian and Soviet maps update
Over 70 new Russian and Soviet maps have been added from the map collection of Geography Department of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. There are some 40 sheets of the one-verst map (1:42,000) and several sheets of the two-verst map (1:84,000), as well as several sheets of the Soviet 1:25,000 map. Please note that while the dating is accurate, it refers to the date of print, but the map can display information and situation several dozens years prior to that date! This refers, in particular, to the one-verst sheets covering the (then) Polish eastern borderlands (Kresy), which  are based on Tsarist survey data, Polish 1:100,000 maps by W.I.G. and intelligence reports, rather than, for obvious reasons, the latest field survey information.
30th December 2014 - rollover update
Courtesy of the Geography Department of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin we have been able to fill in some gaps in the map coverage:
- approx. 70 sheets of the German 1:300,000 map (Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa) covering the area from France to Kazakhstan.
- several sheets of the German 1:800,000 map and Austro-Hungarian 1:750,000 map
- a few maps from a very rare German series "Deutsche Karte", in 1:50,000 scale: 3 small sheets from 1920s and 5 large-format sheets from 1938.

From the collection of the Library of Congress: a few sheets of a very rare Austro-Hungarian 1:25,000 maps covering extensive fortifications of Brest-Litowsk and surrounding area, and one sheet from a similar series covering the fortifications of Luck, Dubno and Rowno. As the set is currenctly incomplete, we will attempt to acquire the reminder from Austrian sources.

From the collection of a digital library of the University of Wroclaw, Poland some 450 shets of a German 1:25,000 map (Messtischblatt) covering Śląsk (see sheets on list beginning with No 3957 Rädnitz).

A few years ago, courtesy of the Library of the Brigham Young University, Utah, we were able to add several hundred post-WW2 American copies of German Messtischblatt sheets covering East Prussia and, generally, western Poland. We have finally made use of the other, substantial part of the collection. It consists of American, British and French editions of the 1:25,000 map from the territory of present-day Germany. All in all 2550 some 2550 sheets (400 dpi) and some 50 more sheets from our collection (600 dpi).

Other new maps:
- some 100 sheets of the Czechoslovak 1:200,000 map, dated 1919 - 1939
- over 50 German 1:100,000 maps (Karte des deutschen Reiches) dated 1920 - 1942
- an interesting map dated approx. 1941 - 1942, with a rather self-explanatory title: "Kreuzung der Autobahnen Breslau – Moskau und Danzig bei Litzmannstadt

Further updates can be expected - next year.
28th November 2014 - Mapster update
We have added some 240 sheets of American map "Poland 1:25,000” dated approx. 1953 - 1956 (newly added sheets can be found on the map list). The maps are copies of a German  "Topograpische Karte” (Messtischblatt) dated 1940 - 1944. The originals were a mixture of contents - German survey updates conductd during WW2, pre-war Polish maps, still earlier German 1:25,000 maps (Westl. Osteuropa) from WW1 which, in turn, were based on Russian maps (half-, one-, and two-verst). The eastern coverage of the AMS map series can be found on the two index sheets: Part 1 i Part 2.
With the new maps we have separated the AMS variants which are now available through their own index sheet, combined: AMS M851 Poland, M852 East Prussia and M841 Germany (east).
21st November 2014 - Mapster update
A few dozen new town plans from Mr Hubisz' collection have been added. Also, courtesy of the Library of Congress, we have received three, very rare, German town plans dated 1939, of  Poznań, Wilno and Grodno. They are the last three of the town plans included in the "Military-geographic description of Poland" (Militärgeographische Beschreibung von Polen) - a set of materials prepared in July 1939 for the upcoming invasion of Poland (Fall Weiss).

There are other new materials, majority a small-scale Allied (British and American) maps from the Mideaterrenian, Caucaus and Middle East, small-scale German maps (predominantly from Easter Europe), some German railway maps and diagrams, and a joint sheet of Hungarian 1:1 M map dated 1942. Amongst new maps, there is a British sheet dated 1951, related to "Excercie Cassius", covering the area of Central-Western Europe (including the western part of Poland), and another one from the same times, showing AA and radar sites around the area of Leningrad.
Another interesting map is a two-sheet set of 1:25,000 Polish maps covering Lwow and the surrounding area, probably dated from 1919, the time of Polish - Ukrainian fighting for the city. polskiej mapy topograficznej, wydanych przez Oddział Kartograficzny Naczelnego Dowództwa W.P.  opartej na wydaniach austriackich, prawdopodobnie z okresu polsko-ukraińskich walk o Lwów w 1919 roku, oraz ukraińska mapa małoskalowa (Mapa Fizyczna Ukrainy i ziem sąsiednich), wydana w 1939 r. we Lwowie.
We have also come across a two-sheet set of a French map, or diagram from 1941, with the demarkation line between the German-occupied northern France and the southern part under the Vichy government.

There are some more maps covering out-of-the-usual (for us) areas: 95 joint and 2 single sheets of a German 1:100,000 map of Italy (1943 / 1944), as well as 8 sheets of the same edition with fortifications overprints, so called "Befestigungskarten. We should be able to add, probably in 2015, other maps of Italy, both original, as well as British, Polish and American variants from WW2 (and slightly beyond). As no proper index sheets for the new maps have been added yet, each list of maps above comes with an original, German index sheet (or two) at the very bottom of the list. For the single-sheet edition, you can access it here (Link) and for the joint edition, here (Link No 1) and here (Link No 2). Please note that Link the file for Link No 2 is larger (10 MB) and will take longer to download or display in the browser). Unfortunately we do not have an original index sheet for the fortification variant of this map, but at least two sheets show min-index sheets diplayed on their margins.

Some time ago we scanned and made available a set of German 1:150,000 maps showing the districts of East Prussia around 1830 - 1840. Since the maps look rather attractive, we have scanned them again, this time, at higher resolution (600 dpi) and with much better scanner. All the files have been updated and can be downloaded from the link above.

And, to sum it up, a peculiar Polish propaganda postcard dated 1939.


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01/26/2019 14:42
Hi: Are there any other maps showing parishes such as: Andrzej Tomczak Siec parafialna Wojewoddztwa pomorskiego Okregu bytowskiego I leborskiego W drugiej polowie xvi wieku Skala 1:300. Thanks

12/04/2017 15:22
peut-on obtenir la carte dtaille de la frontire Est suite au trait de Brest-litovsk ? merci d'avance

09/10/2017 04:54
Can I get some guidance on the projection that WIG cartographers used on the 1 to 100,000 maps?

04/02/2017 23:15

03/17/2017 11:34
@JMisiewicz I tried to send an e-mail, but got an auto-response: "The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found" If you want to get in touch, please use e-mail (see left)

03/16/2017 18:10
I think we need to drill into this... Please check for my e-mail in your inbox! Smile

03/09/2017 16:41
Hello Marek. I am referring to the Ossada settlements created by Marshal Pilsudski in the Kresy after the 1920 Polish-Soviet war. I am hoping that there exists a map showing the location of these Ossa

03/02/2017 17:27
"Ossadas" is a very generic name (settlements), likewise "Kresy" which stretch from current Lithuania down to Ukraine. Anything more specific?

02/25/2017 11:49
Dzień dobry Marek. Czy Archive mają żadnych mapy przedstawiając
e lokalizację Ossadas w staropolskim Kressy (sprzed wojny)? Dziękuję, Julian.

01/17/2015 05:29
Спасибо! (я ответил по электронн
ой почте). m.z.