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Town and city plans
2 March 2014

This page will provide links to the old town plans of Poland and other countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. As the number of plans grows fast, and is likely to reach several thousands, we will make them available via Mapster, which helps us maintain the collection up to date.
Please note: all new scans in Mapster will be marked "New" in green for a period of 30 days.

The plans have been divided into:
  • Central Europe – main collection, including the town plans of Poland
  • GSGS 4435 Town Plans of Poland - a separate series of plans drawn in 1943 by Polish cartographers, on request from the Geographical Section of the British General Staff. To the best of our knowledge, this series is complete, despite some larger cities, like Gdynia, missing, probably never drawn. In 1944, WIG based in Edinburgh, made one more plan in the same fashion (Town Plan of Kielce), which is, however, not a part of the series, and can be seen in the main town plan collection linked above (Central Europe). For convenience, the Mapster index sheet also includes two plans from the GSGS 4480 Town Plans of Germany series: Breslau and Konigsberg. Town plan of Stettin was probably never made, mentioned in 1944 as "in progress". The index sheet also includes a 2-sheet town plan of Danzig (GSGS 4496).
Other plans:
  • Other plans – all those which we thought might be of interest. Currently - a few plans of North African towns, related to the history of WW2.



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06/08/2014 11:19
Thank you for pointing it out, the broken links have been fixed.

06/07/2014 12:39
A lot of the links on the German maps 1919-1945 page do not work.

10/17/2013 10:54
links to Russian and Soviet maps have been updated.

10/08/2013 10:52
thanks for the update, I have repaired all broken links now.

10/07/2013 14:23
Hi. Just pointing out that the Austo-Hungarian links are down again. Thanks for the great site.

09/15/2013 19:05
@StephanKlein: there were no "proper" 25K maps done in Poland (1920 - 1939) to cover Bolechow. More details in your inbox.

09/15/2013 15:01
How can I obtain a scan of a map that includes that town of Bolechow (coordinates are: Latitude 49.0669 degrees north, Longitude 23.8514 degrees east). I am looking for a map at 1:25,000 scale that s

09/10/2013 18:56
Hello !! I am a new member and interested in the Region of Chojnice/Konitz. Anyone here could help me in finding an address ? Thank you very much in advance...

07/15/2013 15:20
The Austro-Hungarian sub-page has been updated.

07/15/2013 09:32
Thanks for pointing it out, I'll be updating Austrian maps sub-page later today.