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KUK (Austro-Hungarian) maps
1 Austro-Hungarian maps, produced (with some exceptions) by state-run K.u.K. MGI. (Kaiserlich undKöniglich Militaergeografisches Institut, Military-Geographic Institute).

Most of the map types, such as “Specialkarte“, 1:75 000 scale, 1:200 000 and 1:300,000 have now been "outsourced" to Mapster, and you will see the links to the appropriate index sheets below. Naturally, the maps are available for download as before, and we would recommend right-clicking on a link to download a scan to the computer, as some files are rather large.

nb, a full set of 1:200,000 maps is available from the well-known source of www.lazarus.elte.hu; "our" sheets are far from complete, but at higher resolution, in case you need it.

Other Austrian maps, 1:200 000 and 1:750 000,  are either joint sheets, or general maps, published during WW1 or shortly after, showing the areas where fighting took place.

Individual town plans, if available, will be displayed  on the town plans page, with the exception of the plans (currently Lemberg and Czarnowitz) which belong to the Kummerer map series shown below.

Last update 23 April 2013

A so-called "Liesganik map”, scale 1:288,000, covering Galicia, dated late 18th / early 19th century. The map title, in its full glory, has been reproduced below:

 IM JAHRE 1824

Map set description, as found in a Polish digital library, or, to give them the literal name, a "Digital Repository of Scientific Institutions (http://rcin.org.pl):

"1 map set in 33 sheets, copperplate engraving, each sheet 24x32 cm, paper size 34x46 cm ; Scale [ca 1:288 000], oesterreichische Strassenmeile, jade zu 4000 Wiener Klafter oder einem Wiener Zolle ; [2nd edition] ; Title take from "Tab.1" sheet. One transversal and two linear scales under the title; etcher's signature: D. Huber sc; Terrain features presented in hachures and pictograms; Each sheet contains, by the frame, sheet numbers of adjoining sheets. All sheets with common frame; Statistical tables presented in "Tab. II" sheet, with the following description: Politische Eintheilung und Statistische übersicht von dem Köenigreich Galizien und Lodomerien and a scheme of church administrative division Kirchliche Eintheilung; Sheet "Tab VI" contains index to all the sheets; Tab. XIX and XX contain the legend: Zeichen Erklaerung (...)"

A set of scans from the collection of Polska Akademia Nauk (PAN, Polish Academy of Sciences) can be downloaded from this link (approx. 18 MB in total). Other than the fact that it is available in the awkward djvu format, the quality appears fairly decent.

Sheets available below come from a different collection. Resolution, 300 dpi, file size approx. 16 – 25 MB

Sheet number / title Comments
Tab I Titelblatt und Masstaebe
Tab II Politische Eintheilung
Tab II (v. 2)
Tab IV
Tab V
Tab VI Blatt zur Uebersicht
Tab IX
Tab X
Tab XI
Tab XV
Tab XIX Zeichen Erklaerung
Tab XX Aussprache

Administrativ Karte von den Königreichen Galizien...

An interesting map of Galicia, from mid-19th century, with a somewhat convoluted title:

“Kummerer C.R. von Kummersberg, 1855: Administrativ Karte von den Königreichen Galizien und Lodomerien mit den Grossherzogthume Krakau und den Herzogthümern Auschwitz, Zator und Bukowina”,
Scale: 1:115 000. Publisher: Verlag und Eigenthum von Artatia, Wien

The set consists of 60 sheets. File resolution 400 dpi (new files 300 dpi). Sheets are “black-and-white” (notwithstanding the yellowing, understandable, as they are over 150 years old). Some sheets (index, plan of Lemberg) are photocopies, a few other sheets are missing margins and, as was the fashion in those time, were cut up and glued to a piece of strong cloth)

Sheet number  Sheet title Mb Comments
1  Title sheet  5.5 300 dpi
2  Umgebung von Tarnobrzeg Rozwadów Nisko und Ulanów  8.9 300 dpi
3 Ubersicht der Blätter und Landes-Eintheilung 300 dpi
3 Ubersicht der Blätter und Landes-Eintheilung   photocopy 
4 Blatt 4 11.3  
5 Umgebung von Sokal 7.3  
6 Umgebung von Oswiecim 8.5  
7 Umgebung von Krakau, Chrzanów, Trzebinia, Alwernia und Zator  8.1 300 dpi
8 Umgebungen von Niepołomice, Ujście-solne und Radłów 7.1  300 dpi
9 Umgebung von Niepolomice Uscie solne und Radlow 12.7  
10 Umgebungen von Kolbuszów, Sokołów, Leżajsk, Głogów, Rzeszów und Łańcut  9.5 300 dpi
11 Umgebung von Lubaczow 14.9  
12 Umgebungen von Belz Rawa ruska Zolkiew Niemirow und Narol 13.9  
13 Umgebung von Kamionka strumilowa 12.9  
14 Ungebungen von Lopalin Leszniow und Brody 8.4  
15 Umgebungen von Biała, Kenty und Saybusch  5.3 300 dpi
16 Umgebungen von Wadowice Myslenice und Jordanow  16.3  
17 Umgebung von Bochnia Woynicz Limanowa und Zbyszyce 18  
18 Umgebungen von Tarnow Pilzno Tuchow Cieszkowice Biecz Brzostek Frysztak und Jaslo 15.8  
19 Umgebungen von Tyczyn, Stszyszów, Krosno, Brzozów und Dubiecko  10.4  300 dpi
20 Umgebungen von Jaroslau Radymno Krakowiec Przemysl und Mosciska 14.3  
21 Umgebung von Lemberg 14.8  
22 Umgebungen von Lemberg Winniki Kulikow Busk und Gliniany 15  
23 Umgebungen von Olesko Podkamien Zloczow und Zalosce 14  
24 PLAN von LEMBERG 7.9 300 dpi
24 PLAN von LEMBERG 10.5 ksero
25 Umgebung von Milowka 7.1  
26 Umgebungen von Neumarkt und Czarny Donajec 8.9  
27 Umgebung von Alt und Neu Sandec Lacko Kroscienko und Piwniczna 14.3  
28 Umgebungen von Grybow, Gorlice und Zmigrod 13.4 map incomplete
29 Umgebungen von Rymanow Sanok Bukowsko und Lisko 17.6  
30 Umgebungen von Bircza Nizankowice Dobromil Sambor Satermiasto Starasol und Ustrzyki dolne 17  
31 Umgebungen von Rudki Komarno Szczerzec Mikolajow Medenice und Laka 15.3  
32 Umgebungen von Bobrka Przemyslany Chodorow und Rohatyn 17.5  
33 Umgebungen von Brzezan Zborow und Tarnopol 11.6  
34 Umgebungen von Zbaraz Medyn Mikulince und Skalat 12.5  
35 Umgebung von Zakopana 11.6  
36 Umgebungen von Baligrod und Wola michowa 12.4  
37 Umgebungen von Lutowiska Podbusz Turka und Borynia 16.6  
38 Umgebungen von Drohobycz Stryi Skole und Bolechow 17.1  
39 Umgebungen von Bursztyn Halicz Woynitow Zurawno und Kalusz 17.5  
40 Umgebungen von Podhajce Zlotniki Manasterzyska und Buczacz 16.2  
41 Umgebungen vonTrembowla Grzymalow Husiatyn Kopyczynce Czortkow und Budzanow 12.7  
42 Umgebungen von Komarniki und Klimiec 11  
43 Umgebungen von Koziowa und Dolina 17.9  
44 Umgebungen von Rozniatow Kalusz Stanislawow Bohorodczan und Solotwina 16.8  
45 Umgebungen von Tysmienica Tlumacz Nizniow Jaslowiec und Obertyn 16.5  
46 Umgebungen von Tluste und Borzczow 14.5  
47 Blatt Nr 47 9.1  
48 Umgebungen von Nadworna und Delatyn 14.8  
49 Umgebungen von Kolomea Horodenka Gwozdziec Sniatyn Zablotow und Peczenizyn 16.9  
50 Umgebungen von Zaleszczyki Mielnica Zastawna Kotzmann und Sadagura 14.9  
51 Umgebungen von Worochta und Zabie 9.6  
52 Umgebungen von Kossow Kutty Wisznitz und Putilla 20.1  
53 Umgebungen von Czernowitz Bojan Tereszeny und Starozinetz 14.4  
54 Blatt Nr 54 9.2  
55 Umgebungen von Lutilla 18.6  
56 Umgebungen von Sereth Radautz und Suczawa 16.4  
57 Umgebungen von Kimpolung moldawisch und Dorna watra 13.6  
58 Umgebungen von Suczawa Gurahumora und Kimpolung moldawisch 13.7  
59 Plan von CZERNOWITZ 8.9  
60 Blatt Nr 60 9  

The only sheet we have of an interesting map set of 18 sheets, scale 1:10,000, called “Festungs-Umgebungsplan von Krakau" covering Cracow and the surrounding countryside. Probably re-scaled 1:25,000 map or based on it. Sheet in colour, file size 36.7 Mb, 400 dpi: FESTUNGS-UMGEBUNGSPLAN VON KRAKAU GEBULTOW Blatt 9

A map or, strictly speaking, a diagram of telephone and telepgraph lines, dated 1912. The map covers not only Galicia, but extends far beyond it, into Imperial Russia too. We have 2 resolutions available, the 200 dpi version is more than sufficient to read details (18 Mb), but if you are not satisfied, 300 dpi (35 Mb) is also available)
Telegraphen- und Telephonkarte (200 dpi)
Telegraphen- und Telephonkarte (300 dpi)

Sheets of Austro-Hungarian 1:25,000 map. Each of them covers the area equivalent to ¼ of one 1:75,000 map (Specialkarte), and sheet numbers correspond to the Specialkarte too. Thus 1:25 000 sheet with a number “4572/2”, is the top-right (or north-east) quarter of a 1:75,000 map No 4572 (Porohy).
Please not that the sheets below are probably original photographic plate, or some other copy, similar to those received by WIG after WW1 from Austria, which were later used to produce WIG 1:25,000 provisional editon maps covering the area of south Poland previously occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

5-XXI S.O.

Sektion 3963-1

Sektion 3963-3

Sektion 3964-1

Sektion 3964-2

Sektion 3964-4

Sektion 4264-4 (wyd. 1918 r)

(showing the area east of a village of Gnila Lipa (Гнила Липа, literally “rotten linden tree” , currently in the Ukraine. Unknown date 27 Mb. 400 dpi.

A very interesting 1:25 000 sheet from the area around Stanisławów (iвано-Франківськ), showing the extent of field fortifications (trench lines), ("Ausg. B, 1916", approx. 20 Mb)

4472/4 (Dolina). 300 dpi, 23.9 Mb

4572/2 (Porohy). 300 dpi, 27.5 Mb

An irregular and interesting, due to the scale (1:50,000) map, showing the area near a small town of Koden, in eastern Poland (currently by the border with Belarus), possibly one of several sheets showing the approaches to the (then) Russian stronghold of Brzesc (Litewski). Based on Russian 1:42,000 map (one-verst map):
Koden und Umgebung, 1:50,000, 1904 (13 Mb)

Umgebungsplan von Prag
A map, or a plan of Prague and the surrounding area, dated 2nd half of 19th century. Scale 1:28,800. 9 sheets plus an index sheet, resolution: 400 dpi.
Complete set available in Mapster

Austro-Hungarian “Specialkarte”
The most famous and recognizeable Austro-Hungarian map, “Specialkarte”, 1:75 000. Resolution varies, because sheets come from various sources and were scanned on various equipment.

Index sheet, approx. 17.5 Mb (not the best quality though, by our standards): ÜBERSICHTS-BLATT der Special-Karte 1:75 000

Good and “light” (approx. 5 Mb) index sheet, divided into 4 parts, available on the well-known genealogy and map website: www.posselt-landkarten.de:
Übersichtsblatt der Spezialkarte der österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie 1:75.000 und der im Maßstabe 1:75.000 vorhandenen Auslandsblätter

April 2013: All sheets of Austro-Hungarian 1:75,000 Specialkarte available through Mapster

Joint sheets of Specialkarte 1:75,000, with added green for forested areas, 400 dip, approx. 1917. Map “titles” are arbitrary, since the sheets (printed in field conditions) do not contain headers.
Czernowitz - Chotim - Kamieniec-Podolsk (46.5 Mb)
Petroutz - Czernowitz - Chotim (61.4 Mb)

Lublin and surrounding area, map dated 1917, also shown administrative boundaries (the area was occupied by Austro-Hungary from 1915 onwards)
Lublin i okolice 46 Mb

Another three maps of the same type and area (Lubelszczyzna), but much better preserved
Bilgoraj i okolice (49 Mb)
Lubartow i okolice (46 Mb)
Krasnik i okolice (61 Mb)

Austrian copy of a Russian 3-verst map (1:126,000)
covering central and eastern parts of Poland, the Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania. Probably based on the very same Russian edition utilized at exactly the same time by the German military cartographers, to produce German version of the same map. However, the Austrian editions appears to be more  legible, with some sheets hand-coloured.
Sheets available in Mapster

Generalkarte von Mitteleuropa 1:200,000

Generalkarte von Mitteleuropa, (General Map of Central Europe), published from 1889 onwards, in 266 sheets. With the end of WW1 and the collapse of Austro-Hungarian Empire, the map was copied (with minor adjustments and updates) in Poland, Hungary and Austria, developed further in Czechoslovakia, and during WW2 copied and developed further by the Third Reich until the end of the war. After World War 2 still developed, at least to some degree, in Czechoslovakia. A complete set of original, Austro-Hungarian sheets can be seen and downloaded at: www.lazarus.elte.hu

Please note, all the sheets we have managed to collect by now are available in Mapster

Generalkarte von Central-Europa 1:300 000

Interesting, albeit rather simplified map (1:300,000), covers the whole of Europe, dated approx. 1976 - 1880. Majority of sheets below show the area of Central and Eastern Europe. A rather dated, manual “updating” technique is worth pointing out (see the newer editions of the same sheets).

Index sheet (partial and rather general) of the 1:75K and 1:300K, file size 5 Mb: SKELETT der Generalkarte 1:300 000 und der Specialkarte 1:75 000 der oester. ung. Monarchie (1877)

Description of topographic symbols in use on this map type (in German), 1.8 Mb, 300 dpi: SCHRIFT UND ZEICHEN ERKLÄRUNG für die General-Karte von Central-Europa in Masstabe 1:300 000 der Natur

All available sheets can be downloaded via Mapster.

Generalkarte des österreichischen Kaiserstaate...
„Generalkarte des österreichischen Kaiserstaates mit einem großen Theile der angränzenden Länder“, published in 1856–1859, scale 1: 576 000 in 20 sheets. Further information by the excellent site: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

By Joseph Scheda, Engineer of the Geographic Corps, Militarisch Geografischen Institute, Austria. Comprised of 20 sheets, each dissected into 6 sections. Incredible detail throughout the map. A triumph of Austrian/German engraving. The 20 sheets cover most of middle and southern Europe. With an index map titled “Ubersicht zur Zusammenstellung der Blaetter fur die General Karte des oesterreichischen Kaiserstaates.” Scheda did a 25 sheet map of Europe. Scheda lived from 1815-1888 (Phillips) and did a Hand Atlas in 1879 with A. Steinhauser (Phillips 6201) which we gather was largely a Physical Atlas. Outline color. Map sheets fold each with a paste down label on the end sheet showing its corresponding portion of the map and roman numeral as shown in the index map. The sheets are then folded into a maroon cloth covered folding board and outer quarter leather maroon cloth slip case 26x21 with “General-Karte Der Oesterreichischen Monarchie von J. Scheda” and a decorative design with an illustration of a globe stamped in gilt on the spine.

Two sets of this map are available through Mapster.
One, courtesy of Mr David Rumsay (600 dpi), the other, courtesy of Mr Peter K. Clark (400 dpi)

Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa, 1:750,000

Overview map of Central Europe, dated 1882 – 1886 (45 sheets). New edition from 1899 onwards, of which only 12 colour sheets were published. The map was copied modiefied and used in many countries of Central Europe as a groundwork for new, local editions.

2013 update: we have scanned a majority of sheets of this map type and we will make them available in Mapster, probably by end of July 2013.

Sheet title Year File size Comments
Nordlicher Kriegsschauplatz 1:750 000 ? 69.7  
Übersichtskarte des russischen Kriegsschauplatzes 1:750 000 Karteinbeilage A ? 50.3  
Übersichtskarte des Kriegsschaupaltzes in Russland 1:750 000 ? 76.3  

General map of Galicia and Bukovina 1:750,000
GENERALKARTE von Galizien und Bukowina (29 Mb)

A few  diagrams on triangulation and geodesic works in the Austro-Hungarian empire. The first three come from the book: TAETIGKEIT DES K.U.K. MILITAERGEOGRAPHISCHEN INSTITUTES IN DEN LETZNEN 25 JAHHREN (Wien 1907).We will try to scan the book and make them available in the pdf format, as it is a good summary of K.u.K. work

Tafel 1 Übersicht der ASTRONOMISCHEN ARBEITEN 1906
Tafel 2 Übersicht der TRIANGULIERUNGSARBEITEN 1850-1906
Tafel 3 Übersicht der Praezisionsnivellementsarbeiten 1906

Übersicht der ASTRONOMISCHEN ARBEITEN für die internationale Erdmessung 1912  [16.1 Mb]
Übersicht der Präzisionsnivellementtsarbeiten für internationale Erdmessung u. Landesvermessung September 1912 [15.4 Mb]
Übersicht des Fortschrites der TRIANGULIERUNGSARBEITEN für die Landesvermessung 1850-1912  [19.3Mb]



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