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24th June 2020 - map update
test Our friends in Lihuania helped us scan a collection of approx. 90 Lithuanian pre-WW2 1:25,000 maps (Lietuvos žemėlapis 1:25 000) dated 1928 - 1940. As we don't have our own index sheet for this map type, the maps are available as a list. You will find two original index sheets, a pre-WW2 Lithuanian one, and a post-WW2 US one - both can be found at the bottom of the abovementioned list.

There are more scans from the State Archive in Poznan, Poland:
- over 40 sheets of the Operational Map of Poland - Mapa Operacyjna WIG - 1:300,000
- 190 sheets of the German Overview Map of Central Europe - Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa, 1:300,000
- ok. 130 sheets of the German WW2 reprints and variants of the Detailed Map of Poland 1:25,000 - Mapa Szczegolowa Polski
- approx. 270 original sheets, i.e. Polish editions of the Detailed Map of Poland 1:25,000 - Mapa Szczegolowa Polski

Practially all new sheets of the 1:300,000 and 1:25,000 maps have already been available on the server, however new scans are better quality (better scanner), all at 600 dpi. Additionally, some sheets of the 1:25,000 maps show extra, hand-drawn information, e.g. flooded areas (Hochwasser), related to the major flooding that occured in Poland in spring 1940, after unusually severe winter of 1939/40.

From our own collection,  mapy several 1:50,000 maps of Cyprus, turn of 1960/1970s. The original series is a US, AMS K715 Cyprus, with some overprint by UK's cartographic service. Some basic information on the Akrotiri base can be found in wikipedia, though only available in... Polish.

A larger number of Russian, Soviet and German one-verst maps (1:42,000) from the Library of Congress. They cover three areas, roughly:
- western Russia (within pre-1917 borders), about 400 sheets, covering the current area of central & eastern Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine
- Crimea and the Caucasus, around 500 sheets
- Russia / Soviet Union - a set of about 60 sheets, various, individual sheets from central, European Russia
- approx. 20 sheets of German 1:42,000, dated 1942, also from the area of the Caucasus
- over 90 sheets from the Baltics, some undated, most likely post-1917, by Estonian cartographic services

22 April 2020 - map update
1 There has been a period since beginning of this year, when the English page of the mapywig.orgg has not been updated at all, while, in the meantime, we have added quite a few new maps. So, to catch up...

1. Courtesy of State Archive Poznań, Poland:
- approx. 20 sheets of an "Atlas" called: Silesiae id est Ducatus Silesiae (...), dated approx. 1750
- approx. 230 sheets of the German 1:25,000 soil map (Bodenschaetzungskarte)
- approx. 1500 sheets of Messtischblat (Topographische Karte), various editions, including a few interesting sheets with the max extent of a flooding (Hochwasser) in central/western Poland, following a particularly severe winter of 1939/40), as well as a few sheets with hand-added updates (Merkblatt).

2. From the Library of Congress, Washington
- approx. 100 arkuszy of a Russian & Soviet one-verst map (1:42 000) - Lithuania and (pre-WW2) north-eastern Poland. Some sheets stamped with original "Archiwum W.I.G." (WIG Archive).
- 8 sheets (incomplete) of a Russian "Topographic Map of the Vilna Gouvernment" dated 1836
- 12 sheets of the German road map of Finland (Finnland: Strassenkarte), mostly in 1:200,000. Maps come from the mil-geo publication: „Militärgeographische Angaben über Finnland” dated 1941 (the publication itself can be downloaded from the DE-literature folder.
- a few Finnish town plans from the above publication.

3. Literature - also from the collection of the Library of Congress:
- a few editions of the MITTEILUNGEN des Reichsamt für Landesaufnahme dated 1939 - 1943.
- a few brochures dated 1943/44, prepared for the eventuality of Allied's invation / landing in the Balkans (Yugoslavia and Albnia),
- „Militärgeographische Angaben über Finnland” dated 1941, already mentioned above

4. From our own collection:
- 170 sheets of the British copy (MDR 652) of Bulgarian maps, re-scaled to 1:40,000, dated 1944
- approx.140 sheets of the British map of Malta, 1:2,500 (from our own collection)

5. From McMaster University, Canada, jointly scanned by The University of Alberta, and originally most sheets from the collection of prof. Bogdan Zaborski. Some more information about him - in Polish) can be found in this PDF, courtesy of the  przez Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw.
- approx. 400 sheets of the Topographische Karte (Messtischblatt) from the area of western and central-north Poland, plus approx. 130 sheets from our own collection
- approx. 1500 sheets, British, American (and several French), covering the area of Germany within post-WW2 borders. Older edition, dated 1943 - 1944 are re-printed copies of, sometimes, rather old editions of German Topographische Karte (Messtischblatt). From 1944 onwards, most editions were updated from air photography. The series is called, interchangably (sometimes) as GSGS 4414, and AMS M 841, elsewhere GSGS 4414 (AMS M841) or AMS M841 (GSGS 4414). Several sheets prepared for and / or published by the French Service Géographique des Forces Françaises en Allemagn. Later, post-WW2 editions produced under the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine), although the bulk of the sheets are the work of AMS, for USAREUR (United States Army Europe). In time, also (west) German istitutions participated in the series, particularly the Land Survey Offfice (LSO) based in Frankfurt a.M., later incorporated into the Instituts für Erdmessung (Institute for Geodesy).

31st December 2019 - last update
nowosci (this year):
A few individual, rare maps:
We have also added several dozen original index sheets, which correspond to various map series. As there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of index sheets floating around, there is no space to list those added here. They can be found at the bottom of individual index sheets, e.g. WIG 1:100 000, as well as at the bottom of map lists, e.g. WIG 1:25,000, old edition. More index sheets will be added within the next couple of weeks.
1st December 2019 - literature update
eLiterature Several new items in the "Literature” section:
in Polish:
Courtesy of Mr Grzegorz Słomczyński, a paper by his grandfather, a known WIG cartographer, written in Italy, approx. 1945r.:
J. Słomczyński „Rzuty Kartograficzne” (PDF), (DOC) [Cartographic projections]

other materials in Polish
from the collection of Biblioteka Wydziału Nauk Geograficznych i Geologicznych Uniwersytetu A. Mickiewicza, Poznań, Poland
from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA

in German:
Militär-geographische Einzelnangaben für die Truppenführung... Detailed military-geographic information for troop movement...), applicable to individual sheets of the 1:100,000 German maps (Grossblatt / Einheitsblatt). Individual volumes include text, drawings and photos (bridges, dams, roads, etc.).
H.Dv.g.40-30a (1933, Grossblatt 30a)
H.Dv.g.40-53 (1936, Grossblatt 54)
H.Dv.g.40-54 (1938, Grossblatt 54)
H.Dv.g.40-55 (1938, Grossblatt 55)
H.Dv.g.40-66 (1933, Grossblatt 66)
H.Dv.g.40-67 (1934, Grossblatt 67)
H.Dv.g.40-78 (1936, Grossblatt 78)
H.Dv.g.40-79 (1933, Grossblatt 33)
all materials from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA
Vademecum Italien, 1943 (PDF, 150 Mb)
Planheft Balkan, 1940 (PDF)
Planheftübersichten Mittelmeergebiet, 1941
Planheft GROSSDEUTSCHES REICH, 1944 (PDF, 302 Mb) - the only civilian Planheft
Die militärgeographischen Bedingungen für die Verteidigung der französischen Mittelmeeküste, 1943
Orts- und Geländenamen Albaniens, 1941 (PDF)
all materials from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA

in English:
Dr. M. Orłowicz „POLAND AND ITS CURIOSITIES (A Tourist's guide)”, 1927 (PDF)
(both guidebooks from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA)
MANUAL OF MAP CLASSIFICATION AND CATALOGUING PREPARED FOR USE IN THE DIR. OF MIL. SURVEY, 1952 (v. large file, 230 Mb!). Smaller variant (45 Mb), can be downloaded HERE.
(from private collection

in Russian:
A (large!) map and a text of the Russian Academy of Sciences, related to ethnography of Bessarbia.
from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA
The map is also available separately in mapster: small and mid-scale Russian and Soviet maps
31st October 2019 - map update
Courtesy of the State Archive Poznań, Poland we scanned over100 town plans of historical Poznań. Some files are large or VERY large so we would recommend they should be downloaded, rather than viewed in a web browser.
Several other new town plans, i.e. - Strassbourg, Praha, Tarnów, Łódź, Warszawa and Wadowice, come from the collection of Mr Ryszard Hubisz.
29th October 2019 - map update
update New maps, majority from the collection of the State Archive in Poznan, Poland:
From private collections:

15th July 2019 - an update
After a 7-month-short break, a new update:
- from the collection of the Library of Congress, Washington, approx. 800 sheets of the German map of Western Russia, 1:25,000 dating back to WW1. Majority of new sheets covers central Poland. We do not expect to fill in gaps soon, unfortunately libraries in Germany, like Herder Institut or Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin do not allow their maps to be scanned and shared online. That said, we will try to source those sheets elsewhere.
- from the collection of the State Archive in Poznań, Poland, 50 sheets of the the1:126,000 Topograficzna Karta Królestwa Polskiego (also known as Mapa Kwatermistrzostwa). The edition comes from approx. 1860s.

27th December 2018 - a map update
We have filled some gaps:
- approx.. 50 German 1:25,000 maps of Western Russia (approx. 1915 - 1918), mainly "Gruppe Krzemieniec", from the collection of the Library of Congress, USA. We hope to be able to scan some more sheets of this map type (Gruppe Warschau) next year.
- Courtesy of the Poznan State Archive, Poland, we have added several sheets of the German Uebersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa, road map variant (Strassenkarte) and soil types (Bodenarten), as well as a complete set (39 sheets) of the 1939 German "Gemeindegrenzkarte des ehemaligen polnischen Staates" (Map of the municipal boundaries of the former Polish state"). It is a copy, to some degree of a 1937 Polish Administrative Map of Poland, but here, for the background, German Uebersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa, rather than 1:300,00 WIG maps, was used. The sheet numbering is in dual (Polish and German) format.
[From our own collections]:
- several small-scale German maps dated 1941 covering the area of (Europan) Soviet Union. Please note some files are up to 80 Mb!
- British maps from the Middle East / Persian Gulf, including a, somewhat bizarre in the current political climate, map for a proposed route of a Haifa - Bagdad railway.
- a few sheets of an American (AMS M5928) road maps of Italy Włoch dated 1943
8th October 2018 - a map update
Courtesy of the State Archive in Poznan, Poland, we have scanned 130 sheets of the Grossblatt / Einheitsblatt maps and approx. 250 town plans from their colletion. The plans cover mostly Eastern & Central Europe, Germany and Baltic countries. There are some plans from other European countries, a plan of St. Petersburg and Russia, and Sosnowiec (that's in Poland!). All scans are 600 dpi, therefore some files can go up to 100 Mb, hence a word of advice: don't try to open them in your web browser, download instead and open on your computer via any imaging software. The file size (in Mb) is available in each map / plan data sheet, e.g. this one.
As several dozen town plans have no "slot" in the mapster index sheets, for now they can be only accessed through the lists linked above.

We have also managed to process two more Mil-Geo brochure (Mil-geo Einzelangaben für die Trupperführung zum Einheitsblatt...) from the Library of Congress collection. This time the brochures in pdf format are for the Grossblatt No 66 (Frankfurt a.d. Oder - Kuestrin - Landsberg a.d. Warthe - Zielenzig) and No 67 (Meseritz - Birnbaum). The brochures should those interested in industrial history of the area (bridges!), although some scans' quality suffers, because the two volumes were bound very tightly.
Another update can be expected around the turn of October / November.
8th September 2018 - a map update
A map update:
- with kind permission of the Institute of Geography and Regional Development, University of Wrocław, we've managed to scan 9 rare sheets of WIG 1:25,000 maps
- Another interesting set includes five WIG index sheets for the 1:25,000 maps, dated 1935 - 1939. They were originally published in the "Secret Gazette of Ministery of Military Affairs' Orders", which were made available by extremely helpful staff at the Warsaw Museum of the Polish Army.
The index sheets can be found below the Mapster index for the WIG 1:25,000 scale map set - see the last 5 index sheets on the list there.
- Several rare German 1:25,000 photomaps (Bildplan / Bildskizze), which we managed to locate in the (previously scanned) collection of the Faculty of Geographical & Geological Sciences of the Poznań University. Some sheets are cut alongWIG 1:25,000 lines, others identical to the German Messtischblatt / Topographische Karte layout
- Also, courtesy of the same university some 70 sheets of the German 1:25,000 geological map (some sheets cover the area of western Poland, while the majority, the terriotory of Germany).
All new scans are available in 600 dpi.
A new update is planned for the turn of September / October.
17th August 2018 - an update
1 Courtesy of the Library of Congress, we have added approx. 2250 sheets of a German WW1 1:25,000 map of western Russia, which covers central and eastern Poland, as well as Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Majority of sheets at 400 dpi, the re-scaled Russian 1:84,000 maps (two-verst) have been scanned at 300 dpi, and a few more interesting sheets, such as this one - at 600 dpi.
In a few weeks we should be able to add a few sheets of "Gruppe Grodno", currently missing, and at least several sheets from the south-eastern "Gruppe Kamieniec".
The last batch of the maps in the US collections, approx. 300 - 500 sheets from central Poland (Gruppe Warschau), should, if all goes well, be scanned by the end of spring next year. Filling in blanks after that might prove difficult and / or time-consuming, as the maps are held by a few leading European libraries which are famous for guarding jelously their collections.
A new update should appear within the next couple of weeks.


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Hello: I do Polish Genealogy. I need a topo map of Poland with major cities which I’ve never been able to find on the WEB. It should show post partition Poland with an out line of pre-partition Pola

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What's up, Marek? What are you working on? Hope all is OK.

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Hi: Are there any other maps showing parishes such as: Andrzej Tomczak Siec parafialna Wojewoddztwa pomorskiego Okregu bytowskiego I leborskiego W drugiej polowie xvi wieku Skala 1:300. Thanks

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peut-on obtenir la carte détaillée de la frontière Est suite au traité de Brest-litovsk ? merci d'avance

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03/09/2017 16:41
Hello Marek. I am referring to the Ossada settlements created by Marshal Pilsudski in the Kresy after the 1920 Polish-Soviet war. I am hoping that there exists a map showing the location of these Ossa

03/02/2017 17:27
"Ossadas" is a very generic name (settlements), likewise "Kresy" which stretch from current Lithuania down to Ukraine. Anything more specific?