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About the Project
1. Introduction

There are many websites on the Internet with scanned old topo maps, but resources related to Poland are limited. Polish Military Geographical Institute (1919-1939) developed and printed topographic maps which, in the 1930s were rated among the best in the world. Nowadays these maps are a fountain of information about pre-WW2 Poland and, at the same time, can be still used in the field to locate villages which have long disappeared from the ground and can not be found on modern maps. For these reasons we believe these maps should be made widely accessible and what better way than through the Internet? Although a daunting task we are positive we will manage to collect and present scanned images of all WIG maps and other geographic materials the Institute published.

2. Our aims
  • to collect and make publicly available scanned maps published by WIG
  • to publish all other materials by WIG

3. Terms and conditions
  • this site and materials presented are available free of charge exclusively for non-commercial use. Owners of materials published retain the right to the final decision on any other (i.e. commercial) application; we promise to pass on requests on commercial use.
  • we appreciate any help offered, such as scans, offer to lend maps and other materials, access to large-format scanner, etc
  • the authors and all persons contributing to the development of this site do it in entirely for free and in their own time
  • the authors of this website will make every effort to ensure that the materials published do not violate copyright laws and information given is provided to the best of our knowledge
  • the authors can not be held responsible for any consequences coming from improper or misinformed use of the resources published as well as for the accuracy of information presented on the maps

4. Recommended technical specifications for map scans
  • a scan should be complete, i.e. include ALL original information, both within the map and in the map legend, such as: scale, legend, sheet number and title, etc
  • 256 colours (8 bits per pixel)
  • 400 DPI resolution
  • PNG (file format)



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10/19/2015 09:35
Привет! Некоторые
карты по этому адресу не открывают
ся http://igrek.amzp.

06/30/2015 08:10
Hello ! For me very bad English - excuse me. I ask, if possible, to give the maps of Red Army of маштабом 500 and 250 meters of square of M-36 on a web-site. Now on these maps in Ukraine do

01/17/2015 05:29
Спасибо! (я ответил по электронн
ой почте). m.z.

01/16/2015 18:50
Подарок для поляков: https://yadi.sk/d/
hlNPi3e8e33sE http://forum.violi

01/16/2015 18:37
I want to locate the Cadastral maps of the Austria Hungary administration of the area south and east of Kracow. Any sources?

01/09/2015 21:08
Hi, I want to donate to mapywig 3 scanned WWII German maps from the Osteuropa 300K series (actually 3 Zusammenfassungen with 4 maps each). Is there a contact e-mail address?

12/01/2014 14:38
p.s. red icons = very large files, i.e. 30 - 100 Mb.

12/01/2014 14:36
Certainly! All maps around "Bochnia" can be searched via mapster search feature: http://igrek.amzp.

11/30/2014 22:03
I downloaded this file http://www.mapywig
W_1899.jpg . Now I cannot find it to give to a friend of mine in England. Can you hel

09/29/2014 21:43
All clear now, thank you, I have updated the links on the "Allied" sub-page!