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German maps to 1919
1 Please note some files below are large - up to 90MB, so we recommend  NOT try to open them in your browser (left mouse click), as the browser might crash or display "corrupt image" message. We recommend downloading your chosen file(s) to your computer (mouse right-click, then select “save as...”). You can then open the file (left-click) from your desktop or other location (My documents, etc.). Left-click opens the file in your computer in a default program used to open images. If you want to open the file in a different program (if you have it installed), right click on the file again, and select "Open with...", then you should be presented with a list of programs which handle images (Irfanview, Photoshop, Global Mapper, etc - as long as you have previously installed any of them).

This page presents German maps of Poland and other Central and East European Countries dated until 1919. The bulk of the sheets is the work of Königlich Preußischen Landesaufnahme, in charge of producing maps for 2nd Reich and all maps of the neighbouring countries.

The maps are listed by their type and scale.

last update: 28 July 2013

1:25,000 scale maps of Eastern Europe
From Central and Eastern Europe, usually based on Russian maps of various scales (1:21,000 through 1:42,000 to 1:84,000). Total number of sheets is unknown, but given the area they covered, it was easily thousands of sheets. Currently we have only about 20 of them available in Mapster:
Please note - a large (= slow loading) index sheet), alternatively, a list

Karte des Deutschen Reiches (KDR), scale 1:100,000.
A short article on Wikipedia on this map type (in German).

Courtesy of Mr David Rumsay, we have been able to provide a full set of rarer, older editions of this map type dated approx. 1870 - 1900.

All sheets have been scanned at 600 dpi, both in original, i.e. cut-up, on linen format, and "merged". Please note that due to high resolution and excellent quality, the files are very large (40 – 50 MB).

Karte des westlichen Russlands
, 1:100 000

based on Russian maps (1:42 000, 1:84 000 i 1:126 000) from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. KdwR was printed both in small, individual sheets (total of 467 sheets), as well as the joint ones. The map was also heavily borrowed from in the early editions of Polish maps by Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny until mid-1920s. Please note, as the number of sheets we hold is substantial, we decided to abandon a table and provide a link to the Mapster Index Sheet instead, where you can download the maps. Currently, almost all sheets are available, most in at least 400 dpi, usually also 600 dpi.

Joint KdwR sheets can be downloaded from three index sheets in Mapster (they overlap, so it was impossible to combine in one index sheet):



Please note the files are very large, 50 - 90 MB

Other 1:100 000 maps
From the same area and time. They do not fit into the above, multi-sheet map series, therefore we present them here

1916, 3 colours (black - terrain, brown - contour lines, blue - waters), 400 dpi, 51.2 Mb (large sheet)
Karte des westlichen Russlands Zusammendruck Lyntupy - Postawy u. Kobylnik (north Belarus)

A very interesting map, dated 1917, showing Russian and German field positions in the area around Pinsk. 400 dpi, 21 Mb
Kriegskarte fuer die Stellungskaempfe in den Pripjetsuempfen

1:126 000
German and Austrian sheet numbers following the original, Russian sheet order (transliteration applied where Russian letters were used). Thus, the zones are marked with ROMAN numberal while columns are marked with ARABIC numerals. Additionally, map coverage of the areas, such as Poland which bordered on Germany or extended to cover some parts of German territory was marked with capital letters in reverse order (D, C, B, A).
An example of sheet numbers in zone XVII, from west to east:
XVIIC, XVIIB, XVIIA, XVII 1, XVII 2, XVII 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc.

Austrian editions appear to be of somewhat better print quality, and some were hand-coloured, to make them even more legible. However, our originals were cut down to trim the margins, so original sheet titles remain unknown. Therefore, to make it easier, file names are composed of BETTER KNOWN PLACE-NAMES present on a given sheet, e.g. “XIX-C_KuK_126K_Sieradz-Piotrkow.jpg”
Since the margines are trimmed, neither print date, nor original Russian edition, nor original Russian topographic survey dates are available for Austrian variant (click here for a list of Austrian, downloadable editions of this map type in Mapster).

German copies of Russian map, same scale, with some place-names in Latin transliteration (currently only a list of sheets to download, in Mapster).

Reymann's topographischer Special-Karte von Central Europa, 1:200 000

A map which was in constant use for over 100 years. Originally published in 142 sheets, later  extended to 330 sheets and finally to 529 sheets, which cover the area from Paris in the east to Grodno in the east. If you know Polish, you can look up some information, on Wikipedia: Mapy Reymanna. Alternatively, you can try it in German and use Google translation to get a decent translation into English.
All sheets 400 dpi, unless indicated otherwise, file size 6 - 12 Mb.

All currently available sheets can be downloaded from Mapster. Because making a proper index sheet is a little more complicated  than for other map types, all files are available via a list, and an original index sheet can be downloaded below.

An index sheet of a much-expanded, later edition (sheet numbers were changed!) with actual sheets made marked (crossed):
Übersichtsblatt zur topographischen Specialkarte von MITTEL-EUROPA im Maßstabe 1:200 000

Special-Karte von Mittel-Europa, 1:300,000
A popular German“Overview map of Central Europe” (Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa) had its origins in a private venture, a “Special Map of Central Europe („Special-Karte von Mittel-Europa”) produced in 164 sheets, from approx. 1872 onwards, and according to the title sheets,“from official sources”. The author was W. Liebanow, and the publishing house Herm. Oppermann in Hannover, while lithography and print is attributed to Leop. Kraatz, Berlin (some sources quote the publisher as L. Revenstein, Frankfurt a. Mein.)

We  have only two multi-sheet maps from this edition, one made up of 6, the other 8 regular, smaller sheets. The first sheet below covers north-western German and Pommern, the second, Pommern including the city of Danzig,  down to the towns of Schneidemühl (Piła) and Bromberg (Bydgoszcz).
 +  Nr 22, 23, 24, 34, 35, 36 [400 dpi, 36.4 Mb]
 +  Nr 5a, 5b, 15, 16, 25, 26, 37, 38 [400 dpi, 46.6 Mb]

Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa 1:300 000
“General Map of Central Europe” (Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa) dated late 19th and early 20th century, published by  Königlich Preußischen Landesaufnahme, scale 1:300 000, files approx. 15 - 25 MB. The series was continued after WW1, and during WW2 morphed into Europa, Mitteleuropa, NordEuropa and Osteuropa variants.
All sheets available in Mapster (please note, the index sheet covers some parts of Western, the whole of Central, and Eastern Europe, USSR, and the Balkans, and contains also editions from 1920, 1930s and 1940, consequently, the index sheet takes a VERY LONG time to load).

Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa 1:300 000 (joint sheet edition)
The same map type, but in a joint, WW1 edition. Resolution 300 - 400 dpi. The sheets to the east (Witebsk, Bobruisk, Ostrow) are less detailed, based on Russian maps, rescaled, probably 1:420,000. Please note that, as usual, a large paper sheet = a large file, generally between 50 - 80 Mb.
Index sheet and files available in Mapster

Operationskarte 1:800 000 (Übersichtskarte von Europa und Vorderasien)
Operational map produced until mid-1930s, all available sheets available in Mapster



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