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5 May 2013 - an update
Because there seems to be no end to new scans, we have decided on a (relatively low-scale)  reshuffle of some maps available via sub-pages. For this reason, some files, such as German maps, will not be available for the next several days, although they might be already accessible via pull-down manu on Mapster. Please bear with us, what comes out should be a little bit more organized than what came in!
In the meantime, we have also added 34 new sheets of a German 1:800 000 map (this type, was replaced in mid-1920s, by the 1:500,000 and 1: 1 mln scale maps), plus 13 new scans of  German 1:25,000 photomaps (Bildplan). This means the source of those maps at the Poznan university is almost dry (a couple of scans will be added soon). Other sheets, approx 1,500 + will need to be acquired from other sources, which is difficult. We do not expect to have any more sheets of this map type by the end of this year.
22 April 2013 - general update
1 A lot of (relatively) smaller updates:
- a new index sheet in Mapster, for German 1:25,000 maps of Central / East Europe from the times of WW1. Currently comfortably occupied by approximately 18 sheets. Great start, another 1000 - 2000 sheets, and we should have a fairly decent coverage.
- Austro-Hungarian maps: we have added the missing sheets of the 1:115,000 maps of Galizien und Lodomerien from mid-19th century, and a full set of (approx. 30 sheets) of an earlier (end of 18th / beginning of 19th century), of a so-called "Map by Liesganik", scale 1:288,000. We have also added several sheets of Austro-Hungarian 1:25,000 from the area of "Lesser Poland" (Malopolska), west and east of Krakow (not the city itself). All those maps available, for now, on the Austro-Hungarian sub-page, while the Austro-Hungarian 1:300,000 sheets have been "outsourced" to Mapster.
- Thanks to the help we got from the friends in Prague, we received over 20 sheets of Grossblatt maps (German 1:100,000), mainly from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Austria, as well as one, probably last edition of Grossblatt 69a Leslau, dated January 1945, from Poland
- A few dozen of Bildplan and Bildskizze (German air-photo maps), scale 1:25,000 at 600 dpi have been added. Despite their fairly reasonable file size (approx. 20 - 26 Mb), they're at 600 dpi resolution, so try NOT to open them in the browser, download the scans to the computer first. These maps have been divided in Mapster into three separate index sheets to match their numbering:
as per Messtischblatt sheet lines
as per WIG 1:25,000 sheet lines
as per 1/4 of WIG 1:100,000 maps (This edition is probably dated 1939).
- We have received a German index sheet of Polish 1:25,000 WIG "maps, suitable for directing artillery fire". For the current day purposes... let's just say they show "new editions" of WIG maps.
- ... and it was printed on the reverse of a WIG 1:25,000 sheet, Pas 45 Słup 42 E Deraźne, from 1938 (24 MB, 600 dpi)
Several Messtischblatt (Topographische Karte) sheets from Poland (3176, 3183, 3193, 27107) and Czechoslovakia (6570, 6645, 6764, 6765, 6863, 6865, 6869, 6870, 6871, 6968, 6969, 6970)
- and last, but not least, a very unusual map, scale 1:25,000, courtesy of Mr Alexandr Koroliov, Pas 37 Słup 40 D Różana (300 dpi, approx. 6.1 MB). A file definitely worth seeing...
18th March 2013 - maps update
1 We have received a nice present - 37 scans, i.e. a full set of Mapa Administracyjna Polski (Administrative Map of Poland) dated 1937, which is based on earlier W.I.G. 1:300,000 maps. The sheets show administrative borders and locations of local authorities in pre-WW2 Poland. All scans available in Mapster (600 dpi).
6 March 2013 - maps update
6 sheets of WIG 1:25,000 maps have been added:

1 sheet in 1:500,000 scale (Kopenhaga / Kopenhagen)

There has also been an update of Russian and Soviet maps:
-    Several sheets in 1:25,000, from south-east Poland / Czechoslovakia, and north-east Poland (Kresy)
-    Approx. 70 new sheets in 1:50,000, from south-east Poland / Czechoslovakia, dated 1944/45
-    Approx. 30 sheets in 1:100,000, same area, some dated 1940, the rest 1944/45
-    Several sheets of Soviet 1:200,000 maps, in a 4-sheet joint variant, south Poland and Czechoslovakia
-    Several sheets in Russian (Imperial) scales, 1 x 1-verst map (1:42,000), Łuniniec (Luninets), two sheets of a 2-verst map (1:84,000) Berdychiv (Berdyczów) and Skvyra, 10 sheets of a 3-verst map (1:126,000), of which 8 sheets cover central-east Poland, and two show the coast of the Black Sea (Odesa).

P.S. one sheet of Soviet 1:100,000 maps (Johannisburg), which shows the (pre-WW2) border area between Poland and East Prussia, comes with hand-added arrows and circles in red and blue, pointing to several villages, while the reverse of the map comes with a scribbled, terse note in Polish: "relatives of the captives - to be expelled"
27 January 2013 - maps update
18 sheets of WIG 1:100,000 maps have been added. They include older variants, from 1920s, from the area of Kresy, and newer editions. from 1930. All sheets available in 300 dpi and 600 dpi. New maps have been marked with a green "New" bubble on the lists.
We have also added approx. 30 scans (600 dpi), to the collection of German air photo maps (Bildplan edition) courtesy of archiwum Wydziału Geologii i Geografii UAM in Poznan, Poland. Majority of those sheets have already been made available in 400 dpi, but this wasn't good enough, so all will have been re-scanned at 600 dpi. We expect around 170 – 180 sheets (in total) from the same source, but please bear with us, as scanning might take some time, perhaps another 2 - 3 months.
Courtesy of the University of Chicago Library we are able to show 230 scans of the Red Army General Staff maps of Eastern Poland, dated 1939, scale 1:25,000. The maps cover the area of Polish Wołyn (Volhynia) and they were produced, probably, in preparation of the "liberation" of the area in late 1939. The maps are a slight re-scale job of the tsarist, topography survey sheets, so-called half-verst maps (1:21,000), with no evidence of updating. Therefore, it should be assumed they are accurate as per the date shown in the top-left corner, i.e. approx. 1885 – 1905. These maps are rather important, as, in many cases, they are the only detailed map of a given area until, at least 1940.
We don't know the total number of sheets produced in this "block", there could be, up to 600 sheets printed in 1939. Another set of scans, around 100 strong, could become available in the next 2 months.
31 December 2012 - Old / New Year update
1 We have finally caught up with the Polish version of the website! And here are - somewhat overdue - Christmas presents received towards the end of this year:
A few interesting maps by WIG
1. Poligon Rembertów, 1:25,000, dated 1929 (Rembertow military training ground)
2. Three sheets of WIG 1:25,000 maps from the area of Kresy (Belarus and Ukraine):
P34 S38 G Kopciówka (near Grodno / Grodna)
- P47 S41 B Smordwa and
P47 S41 E Pełcza
3. MAPA SCHEMATYCZNA POLSKI Z GRANICAMI D.O.K. (1935 edition),  1:1 mln scale
- Full map, with hand-drawn add-ons on Poland's strategic industries, approx. 50 MB
- 2nd version of the above (map incomplete, but includes other hand-drawn information on industry)

Two town plans
- Plan Poznania, 1946, includig the reverse side (adverts and street names), sent in by one of our users
- an interesting German, WW2 plan, or - strictly speaking - a "Map of Radom and surroundings" dated 1944, scale 1:10,000, file size approx. 24 MB

- Courtesy of WydziaÅ‚owe Archiwum Kartograficzne (Map Archive) of a Department of Geography and Geology, A. Mickiewicz University in Poland -  we are able to show the first batch (68 scans) of a German 1:25,000 photo-map (Bildplan). More sheets should be scanned  next year. The scans are available, temporarily (until they are moved to Mapster) - on this page.
- Promised Soviet 1:50,000 scans: something like 950 sheets - courtesy of University of Greifswald (plus about 50 of our own scans of the same map type). Please note - index sheet loads very, very slowly! - a "lighter" map list available here.
- One, rather rare, WW2 map of Sandomierz and surroundings, 1:50,000, dated 1944.
- A "Mapa Kościelna Galicji Wschodniej" (Parish map of East Galicia, scale 1:600 000)
- One, also rare, map, or perhaps a military drawing from the east front (WW1!), scale 1:10,000, Stara Dubrowa & Majdan. For those of you, curious where to find this place, we have been told it is east of Kovel, the Ukraine, and a larger map of this area (much less detailed, scale 1:100,000, by WIG) is Mielnica / Holoby (bottom-left section of the map).
See you next year!
24 December 2012 - Christmas update
We have added to Mapster the following scans: 83 sheets o German  1:100,000 map (Karte des westlichen Russlands) and 84 sheets of Austro-Hungarian 1:75,000 map (Spezialkarte). all files are available in 400 dpi and 600 dpi.
Some sheets present different editions of the maps already available, but others fill in the "blanks" of the index sheets.
Nearly all German editions, and about half of the Austrian maps come from the collection of the map division of the Library of Congress, and we have received them due to hard work at the library done by  people involved in  Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe project - thank you very much!
13 December 2012 - new maps (Mapster)
We would like to thank the University of Greifswald for a permission to display scans from their map collections via Mapster. We have currently added:
358 scans of Soviet maps, scale 1:100,000, from 1930s and 1940s,
25 sheets of a 1:1 M map in the International Map of the World system
All maps are available as 300 dpi scans. 
Please note: index sheet for the 1:100,000 maps covers a large section of Europe, so it takes a long time to load!
By the end of the year we should have added  a few dozen maps to the above map sets, this time from a private collection. Early next year we plan to populate the index sheet of the Soviet 1:50,000 map with approx. 900 scans from Greifswald, and add about 50 more sheets from private collection.
4 December 2012 - new maps
166 sheets of a WIG 1:100,000 series have been added, all 300 dpi & 600 dpi (Mapster index sheet). These are older editions, dated 1920 – 1925, from private collection. Please note! - map sheets from the area of "Kresy" (Borderlands), approximately east of Pas 42, which cover the area of Russian 2-verst map (1:84 000) – do NOT exactly correspond to the later WIG editions, even though they might have the same sheet name - and the discrepancy grows the  further to the east a sheet is from the Pas 42. This WIG index sheet dated 1924 (approx. 8 MB) might help to see the issue clearly. Therefore, a list of WIG 1:100 000 maps has been split into the older editions and the newer ones. The sheets now added have been marked on this list,  available through Mapster.
Because the new sheets are based on Austrian German and Russian original maps, they might appear, at first sight, to be quite primitive. The most typical change is the updated place-names (in Polish) or Russian (Cyrillic) changed into Latin. That said,  some sheets are quite impressively redone such as a multi-colour Mir-StoÅ‚pce. These early editions, even though somewhat crude perhaps, are really valuable, as they show the area right after "Great War", as WW1 used to be known at that time. Moreover, sheets extending far into the territory of what would be the Soviet Union, mark the hamlets of Polish impoverished gentry (zaÅ›cianek, zaÅ›cianki), which disappeared from later map editions. For those familiar with Polish, the sheets offer a bewildering array of place-names which, although mostly of Polish origin, actually make no sense in contemporary Polish, and more akin to Jabberwocky, e.g. Dzirkal, Smacz, Czeremoszniki Podzisienne, Ażubel, Nunniki, Chrapunia, ErgaÅ‚, Azopniki, ZaÅ›cianek Usoch (Zahibel), Uroczysko Baby-Woda, Uroczysko pod Winpiszczem, Folwark Stary Zamek-Birża, Dwór Smolgów or BÅ‚oto Lodowe Jezioro.
Two sheets of WIG 1:500,000 maps, sheets Przemyśl and Wiedeń (Vienna), have also been added, both in "temporary edition", dated summer 1939.
Another, minor update is 10 sheets of Russian 2-verst map (1:84,000) from Latvia, and one from the Ukraine (Zhytomir). A larger number of those maps can be expected next year.
29 October 2012 - an udate
We have added approx. 120 sheets of 1:25,000 maps covering mainly Western Poland and Mazowsze. The scans come courtesy of Wydział Geografii i Studiów Regionalnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw), and of private collectors. Most sheets are pre-WW2 editions, several are dated early 1950s (maps reprinted by W.Z.K. - Military Cartographic Works) and approx. 20 others are German editions from WW2. New maps have been marked on a list in Mapster and are also accessible via the usual index sheet.
7 September 2012 - update (Mapster)
  • Courtesy of a famous map collector, Mr David Rumsey (David Rumsay Map Collection), we have received permission to make available a full set of scans for a "flagship" Prussian map, Karte des Deutschen Reiches, in 1:100,000 scale. The sheets come from a rare, late 19th century edition of this map. The maps were professionally scanned and are available via Mapster in full resolution (600 dpi), in two variants - the original images, which show the sheets cut up and glued on a piece of cloth, as well as in a "composite" variant, where individual segments have been stitched in a graphic program. Please remember - the files are large (40 - 50 Mb), so the best way to get them is to right-click them with a mouse and "save as..." to your computer.
  • We have also received a permission from another US map collector, Mr Andrew Kapochunas (www.Lithuanianmaps.com) to show his collection of pre-1939 maps, Latvian 1:75,000 and Lithuanian 1:100,000 series. The scans are available in 300 dpi (resolution they were scanned at).
The above-mentioned maps are available on the same, non-commercial basis. We promise to forward inquiries related to potential commercial application. Alternatively, you can contact the owners directly, via web sitess mentioned above.


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