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vincent nirtaut 06/14/2010 14:16
Looking for a Szustowski from Krolewice. I am a relative and would like to trace some of the family.
john 05/06/2010 23:39
Beautiful! Thanks Marekz.
marekz 05/06/2010 14:58
John, you've got a 300 dpi version in 100K map folder, in a couple of months I should be able to scan this sheet on large-format scanner.
john 05/05/2010 01:56
Thanks Marekz. I would appreciate that. Best regards, John
marekz 05/04/2010 12:57
John, I have it as hard copy, I can scan on A4 (4 sections). But it's not a 1922 edition, as they claim, but a 1939 "coloured" variant of 1926 edition, with "no update".
john 05/04/2010 04:52
Hi, Do you have a full colour version of P35 S41? One exists at http://greif.uni-greifswald.de/geogreif/ ?page_id=4563&init=Z but of low resolution. Regards, John
Inbound 04/29/2010 02:53
Thank you! It worked. And thank you for all the work you have done posting the maps. Very interesting. Wink
marekz 04/26/2010 21:29
Hello inbound. I've just checked the map, it downloads OK. It is a large file though, did you use right-click of the mouse and then "save as..."?
Inbound 04/26/2010 07:06
Hello, the link to the 1:2,500,000 map Uebersichtskarte des Grossdeutschen Reiches is broken
jmagyari 07/12/2009 00:04
I'm just starting to look at OziExplorer. They ask for Map Datum. Should Potsdam be used for all maps, or what is best way to determine this?
deutsch1 07/08/2009 13:00
hello @lll keep on this good work (scanning maps). I often visit this page to look for a new map-package-update Smile
marekz 06/22/2009 10:03
link to Jaslo file fixed, and so is the one to "contact us".
marekz 06/19/2009 18:36
I'll fix the map link and the contact us message, most probably tonight.
jmagyari 06/19/2009 16:16
http://english.mapywig.org/German_maps.h tml Grossblatt Nr. 413 Jasło WIG 1:100 000 kc 30.5 http://www.mapywig.org/m/German_maps/Ger man_WIG/GB_Nr._413_Jaslo_1942.jpg File is partially corrupt li
jmagyari 06/19/2009 16:13
On Page http://english.mapywig.org/news.php please contact us click here which brings you to link http://english.mapywig.org/viewpage.php? page_id=4 give Internal Error Unable to retrieve page
marekz 06/13/2009 18:53
they were NOT "released by the Headquarters (of the Polish army), it's a lie. Somebody scanned them, some people sell them, and the Army don't care.
jmagyari 06/12/2009 21:56
I noticed some Polish Maps on this site http://lemko.org/maps100/index.html Does anyone know if they are available anywhere else, refered to as released for public use by the Headquarters of the Pol
marekz 06/05/2009 09:43
jmagyari, links to "other maps" have been fixed, sorry about the delay.
dieje 05/29/2009 23:14
Any Maps about berlin in the 1940s? i saw the one of 1946 but maybe one that was printed earlier. thanks
jmagyari 05/28/2009 20:34
On the following page http://english.mapywig.org/other_maps.ht ml First four links ie click on Austro-Hungarian maps have been moved to separate page


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08/02/2023 00:50
Glad to see you back, Marek!

08/25/2022 15:09
Hey, Marek! Trying to access maps at your page "Other Central European Maps, via both Chrome and Opera browsers, I get the dialog box "File not found (404 error) If you think what you'r

01/22/2022 22:50
Hello: I do Polish Genealogy. I need a topo map of Poland with major cities which I’ve never been able to find on the WEB. It should show post partition Poland with an out line of pre-partition Pola

03/21/2020 14:55
What's up, Marek? What are you working on? Hope all is OK.

01/26/2019 14:42
Hi: Are there any other maps showing parishes such as: Andrzej Tomczak Siec parafialna Wojewoddztwa pomorskiego Okregu bytowskiego I leborskiego W drugiej polowie xvi wieku Skala 1:300. Thanks

12/04/2017 15:22
peut-on obtenir la carte détaillée de la frontière Est suite au traité de Brest-litovsk ? merci d'avance

09/10/2017 04:54
Can I get some guidance on the projection that WIG cartographers used on the 1 to 100,000 maps?

04/02/2017 23:15

03/17/2017 11:34
@JMisiewicz I tried to send an e-mail, but got an auto-response: "The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found" If you want to get in touch, please use e-mail (see left)

03/16/2017 18:10
I think we need to drill into this... Please check for my e-mail in your inbox! Smile