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HBO 01/07/2009 15:31
I'm searching for street maps of Wyszków, Poland (on Bug River) and Serock, Poland, (Narew River) prior to 1939. Thanks for your help.
zaker 01/05/2009 00:11
stejack 12/19/2008 08:25
I'm looking for a street map of Uscilug Wolyn, Poland from the inter-War period, esp. the Osady Wojskowe just south of Uscilug. Thanks
chalatas 10/03/2008 19:40
can anybody help with P31S38 Olita (Alytus) 1:100000 sheet? Thanks!
naltar 10/01/2008 23:07
Brzeziny - we only have these files... http://tinyurl.com/474oku
fbussgang 10/01/2008 19:36
Is it possible to download a map of Brzeziny near Lodz?
sergok 09/23/2008 00:34
Dear friends, I'm looking for austrian-hungarian K.u.K./75K maps or more detailed of Chmielnik(now is in Vinnitsa region) P50 S46. Looking forward for any reply
sever 09/08/2008 18:35
Somebody-can help me with austrian K.u.K./75K maps? I"m very need sheet: 4378-Solodkowcy 4478-Nowaja-Uszyca 4578-Staraja-uszyca 4775-Storozynets-Davideny
4875-Oberwikow 4377-Jarmoli
sever 07/26/2008 23:01
Its must be interesting Smile
naltar 07/25/2008 19:39
KuK: we will have about 40 KuK maps, 300K scale, in August. Another 50 x KuK in 75K scale, but ONLY different editions of the same map we already have. Nothing else for now.
sever 07/25/2008 17:17
Thank you!!!guys !!! 8-) I have a question))- its all austrian maps? or you got some other?)))Any way,a lot of greetings--this site is very-very good!!!
naltar 07/25/2008 14:46
sever: Kopyczynce has been fixed and it downloads OK now.
sever 07/24/2008 19:44
i got the trouble,with- http://www.mapywig.org/m/
K.u.K./75K_400d pi/ZONE_9_
_400d pi.jpg
Debra65 07/19/2008 21:50
thank you!
peartreelane 06/26/2008 22:10
chizkiya 06/11/2008 15:16
looking urgent! for a town map of LELOW, POLAND 1920-30-40- ckvura@017.net.il tnks
naltar 05/01/2008 11:52
norbyjoe, try this: http://tinyurl.com/692zrz
norbyjoe 04/30/2008 16:43
I do not see the town BRZYSKA
naltar 04/25/2008 08:13
several German maps have been added, please see the link to "Other maps" to the left
marekz 04/03/2008 11:23
a large number of German maps have been added


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04/30/2024 17:10
I have tried to update my email - hope it works

04/30/2024 17:02
Any reason I can't get the Polish maps 1:100,000 for Miory, Dryswiaty etc? I get the 404 error instead. Frown

08/02/2023 00:50
Glad to see you back, Marek!

08/25/2022 15:09
Hey, Marek! Trying to access maps at your page "Other Central European Maps, via both Chrome and Opera browsers, I get the dialog box "File not found (404 error) If you think what you'r

01/22/2022 22:50
Hello: I do Polish Genealogy. I need a topo map of Poland with major cities which I’ve never been able to find on the WEB. It should show post partition Poland with an out line of pre-partition Pola

03/21/2020 14:55
What's up, Marek? What are you working on? Hope all is OK.

01/26/2019 14:42
Hi: Are there any other maps showing parishes such as: Andrzej Tomczak Siec parafialna Wojewoddztwa pomorskiego Okregu bytowskiego I leborskiego W drugiej polowie xvi wieku Skala 1:300. Thanks

12/04/2017 15:22
peut-on obtenir la carte détaillée de la frontière Est suite au traité de Brest-litovsk ? merci d'avance

09/10/2017 04:54
Can I get some guidance on the projection that WIG cartographers used on the 1 to 100,000 maps?

04/02/2017 23:15